Your rooms are your personal spaces and of course, you wish to furnish them well. A set of modular wardrobes allows you to increase elegance without harming other factors. At Tusker, we know your aesthetic needs and have curated these wardrobe types.

Tusker Kitchens has earned a reputed name over the years for designing the most durable and multi-functional modular wardrobes in Bangalore. Endowed with premium quality rods, shelves, and doors, our modular wardrobe is the solution to modern storage hassles. Each wardrobe is made of refined quality weather-resistant material, that is stout and sturdy.

With our modular wardrobes design, you can go wild with your imagination and customize your own wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and personality. You get to choose from a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs that will adorn your kitchen and give it a chic elegant look. Our products go through a series of experiments and scientific tests to make sure that they are safe and optimal for your comfortable home.

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How to know the right Wardrobe type for myself?

Architecture has to do with planning and designing form, space and ambience to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental, and aesthetic considerations.
Know your needs

First and foremost is getting a full grasp on what you need for your kitchen. Assess well.

Fix your budget

While the range of options may put you off track, have your budget fixed in mind. Plan right.

Optimized Storage

Always lookout for the most efficient form of storage you can find in the kitchen types. Think optimally.

Maintenance costs

Do not do away with the thought of maintenance costs, you will have plenty if you go wrong. Choose better.

Space Utility

What is the point if the modular kitchen type you go for occupies all the space? Plan your space.

Modular Kitchen Accessories

The design you go for needs to have all the required kitchen accessories. Take into consideration.

Quality of Hinges & Drawred

You open and close the cabinet doors every day. Choose the types that last long.

Check water-resistance

Common materials used for kitchen cabinets are always open to the risk of waterlogging. Go for water-proof.


And most importantly, confirm how durable your modular kitchens would be. Be wise.

Find Right Drawers, Doors, And Shutters

Wardrobe panels: All the materials used in our wardrobe panels are meticulously handpicked by our experts, thereby promising durability. Our team focus on eco-friendly products to support the environment.

Drawers in our wardrobes: A wide range of custom wardrobe options are made available to pick from because we understand the design aesthetic thirsts of our consumers.

Our Wardrobe Doors: Doors are an integral part of every wardrobe console, and we, at Tuskers, give enough time to imagine and craft the stylish doors of different tones.

Materials We Use In Our Wardrobes

A wide range of options is made available to pick from because we understand the design aesthetic thirsts of our consumers. Feel free to choose

stainless steel modular kitchen best better than wooden kitchen - Tusker Kitchens
stainless steel modular kitchen best better than wooden kitchen - Tusker Kitchens
Particle Board
stainless steel modular kitchen best better than wooden kitchen - Tusker Kitchens
10 Years Warranty

Our products are extremely high quality and products cover defects in material and workmanship, However, if the mechanical parts of the wardrobes like Frames Doors Hinges Sliding, will come at a 10-year warranty from tusker interiors Team with good support.

30 Days Installation

It is our sincere pledge to deliver the best service as soon as possible. From conception to installation, we ensure it all happens within 30days to wind up the installation or less than 30days not more than that. If in case any urgent we have some other plans as well.

Post Installation Services

Our relationship with you as a customer won’t end after the installation. You will be given a total of 3 free services after the installation. That means you do not have to worry about the servicing, we are always available for long-term service.


There are plenty of things you must consider when choosing your modular wardrobes rightly. The style, the design, the aesthetics, all these are undoubtedly integral for your selection.

However, what supersedes all of these is the quality of the materials used in your modular wardrobes. It could be the wood, it could be the hinges, it could be the handles and whatnot. To have the highest quality of all these elements present in your wardrobe is a conscious decision you get to make. We, at Tusker, only promise superior grade quality of all our materials.

stainless steel modular kitchen best better than wooden kitchen - Tusker Kitchens

Now, we do not mean to say it is all about the quality. The visual aspects of our wardrobes need to be paid heed to, too. Designing wardrobes is essentially a craft. It all comes down to the perfect finishing in the end. It does not matter how expensive materials you use if the finishing is not skilfully executed. At, Tusker, we have master craftsmen that have an eye for detail and can manifest wardrobes that are sleek and glamorous.

stainless steel modular kitchen best better than wooden kitchen - Tusker Kitchens

Is your wardrobe weather resistant? Now, what we mean by this question is that the materials of the wardrobe, say the wood, will get dampened and dried with time, getting exposed to wearing off with the weather. Durability takes a huge hit, and suddenly your wardrobe doesn’t look pleasing anymore. We only use best-in-class weather-resistant materials for the fronts and the doors, so you can stay worry-free about the longevity of your wardrobes.

Stainless steel interiors for kitchen - Tusker Kitchens


We know you will have questions in mind, a lot of them. Let’s answer them for you

Can I also buy a storage system to go with my wardrobe?

Of course, we have different options for Storage systems, and the best part about them is that they can be adjusted in dimensions according to your requisites.

What is the usual height at which my wardrobes are made?

We follow international standards such as 1800MM,2100MM,2400MM and different standard widths which will accommodate any size of the room.Our sliding doors are built as per the overall width and height of the unit you wish to install in your room.

What weight can the shelving and hanger bar take?

The hanger bar can take up to 30 kilos of weight while the shelves can take 25 kilos of weight on them.

Can you tell me more about Tusker interior units?

Tusker brand is widely renowned for the SS 304-grade Stainless Steel kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinets and turnkey solutions for bedrooms, living rooms. The kitchen products are patent applied for design

Is there anything specific I need to know while deciding what Tusker products to go with?

All our products are easy to understand and come with an easy-to-use guide. However, you can always get in touch with us to clarify any of your concerns.

Are there different options for colors and cosmetics that are individually priced?

There are a plethora of options you can choose from, and each is priced as per its merit. Our catalog shall give you a clear picture of the cost.

Should my doors be of the same design and colour?

You can choose to let your creativity go berserk in terms of design. But just make sure that all of the doors fall in the same range.

How can I take a look at the samples?

You can simply drop by the Tusker Experience center where we can take you on a guided tour of our samples.

Are your products safe?

Each of our products undergoes various tests and trials to get hold of durability and safety. Our products are completely safe.

What does the product warranty cover?

The warranty basically covers all the moving parts of your sliding doors.

Are the doors difficult to install?

All our interior units come with a manual of how to fit them together. However, we also offer end-to-end solutions by installing the products as well.

How long will the delivery of the products take?

Once an order is confirmed with us, we usually deliver the products within 21 days.

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