Hinged Door Wardrobes


sleek hinged wardrobe in Bangalore provide you with the facility of storing a large number of accessories and give you a full view of the entire closet. Thus, they make your organizational work easier and finding things around the closet expeditious! You can even add hooks, rods, or clips on the inside surface of the shutter to hang ties, belts, ribbons and increase your storage space.

Keeping these specific features in mind, Tusker Kitchens has designed the most durable and spacious sleek hinged wardrobe in Bangalore. They are made of superior quality materials like plywood, particleboard, and high-end MDF, that are durable and robust. With not much maintenance cost, these can be used through different generations.

Going for a custom kitchen wardrobes is a wise choice because it helps in saving space to a huge extent. There’s a large variety of colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from. Contact us today!

10 Years Warranty

Our products are extremely high quality and products cover defects in material and workmanship, However, if the mechanical parts of the wardrobes like Frames Doors Hinges Sliding, will come at a 10-year warranty from tusker interiors Team with good support.

30 Days Installation

It is our sincere pledge to deliver the best service as soon as possible. From conception to installation, we ensure it all happens within 30days to wind up the installation or less than 30days not more than that. If in case any urgent we have some other plans as well.

Post Installation Services

Our relationship with you as a customer won’t end after the installation. You will be given a total of 3 free services after the installation. That means you do not have to worry about the servicing, we are always available for long-term service.

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