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A well-defined workflow guarantees a well-done job. Here is the walkthrough of our design process.

Why are our Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens and Alloy Coated Steel Kitchens unlike anything?

Welcome to the era of premium quality modular kitchen in Bangalore with Tusker Kitchens! Specially designed for Indian families, our cabinets are 100% damp proof and highly durable. The Grade 304 Stainless Steel used in their manufacturing, makes the kitchen cabinets robust and long-lasting. They are compatible with all kinds of hardware and do not require regular maintenance. Our sleek modular kitchen designs give your kitchen an aesthetic look!

Our Most Popular Kitchen Styles

Tusker’s purpose is to serve the customers with a product that will last for a lifetime, erasing all worries of getting damaged
  • Inline kitchen
  • Ideal for both small and medium-sized
  • Saves space
  • Custom built
  • Most Adaptable Layout
  • Suitable for smaller spaces
  • Intelligent corner solutions
  • Separate utility solutions
  • Ideal for open floor plans
  • Versatile and efficient
  • Golden triangle concept
  • Well organized
  • Flexible kitchen layout
  • More space allotment
  • Flexibility & Elegance
  • Provides more base kitchen cabinets
  • Open or Private kitchen
  • Largely spread countertops
  • Extra Seating
  • More storage area
  • Additional kitchen amenities
  • Easy access to kitchen
  • Ideal for narrow space
  • Ample space and storage
  • Easy navigation options

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Feedbacks have made us who we are today. Here are some that speak for us!

Excellent approach!! Exceeded my expectations in delivering the kitchen,good finishing .


Excellent!! I got what i wanted


Nice experience working with tusker i really appreciate the effort team has taken to deliver the quality work on time.


Completed the kitchen project as per my expectations,Sales team and project team were very cooperative


Very Happy with the service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in tusker stainless steel modular kitchens in Bangalore? Our team answers the most common questions

What is the cost per sqft ?

The cost will be on per module & not in sq.ft & the cost rests on the Hardware used

Where are you Located ?

  • Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Which grade of steel you are using ?

304 Grade

Which brand steel you are using ?


What are the finishes available ?

S S Finish Hairline finish

Can you do the kitchen if there is already existing granite platform ?

No we cannot ,the granite platform Should be removed and should be relaid after we install the Modules with spirit levels

Do you provide civil and Electrical work also ?

yes we do undertake as a part of the contract

Do you take end to end interiors including wardrobes ?

We install Modular Kitchens and the wardrobes as a end to end solution

What material you are using for shutters ?

Depends on the usage and maintainanance

What is the difference between you and your Competitors ?

We claim we are the best in the Industry as we have Modern Metal used instead of Biodegradable woodnd Ceramic & Natural wood

What is the difference between SS 304 and SS 204 and GI ?

SS 304 is used for long lasting areas and can be made sterile, SS 204 is prone for rusting

Will your cabinet rust if it is in contact with water ?

What are the benefits of SS kitchen compared to wooden kitchen?

Can be disassembled and reassembled any number of times without wear and tear, 100% waterproof, rust free, pest free, long lasting, easy maintenance, easy installation and moreover it is eco friendly. Steel won’t bulge to changed weather conditions

Why is your kitchen so expensive ? Are you doing it with gold or what ? : )

SS 304 will never catch rust, Our ACS cabinets will last for a minimum period of 12 Years

How are you going to fix the cabinets ?

We use modern thread inserts used in shipping and aviation industry and the size is M4

Do you do steel frame work or carcasses ?

We manufacture only cabinets from sheet metal and is cut and bent to near perfection

What are you using for cabinet legs ?

We are using conventional plinth legs used by all modular industry

If you are using Plastic (PVC) legs will they take so much weight ?

Each leg is tested for 60kg, since we use 4 it takes a load 240kg with ease

What about the ergonimics of the kitchen ?

What about the ergonimics of the kitchen ?Depends on the space available and the budget with the finishes of fronts,hardware and so on

Is your kitchen customisable ?

We generally do not customize, however there are exceptions

Since it's steel it obviously makes noise, what are you doing to avoid it ?

There is noise if you knock or bang

How are you going to place the granite ?

Once cabinets are placed and adjusted for spirit levels we place the granite.

Can you fix your cabinets without the legs we already have a 4 Inch platforms ?

Not recommended

Can you give spot lights inside the the cabinets ?

Yes,we can provide the provision

What about the warranty and services ?

If properly handled the Tusker Kitchen will lasts for 20+ years

Why are you not providing SS 304 shutters ?

We make SS shutters and also ACS shutters and it can be chosen

Why are you not doing GI shutters ?

We do not prefer

What is the weight carrying capacity of the cabinets ?

240kg each

What type of mechanisms can be installed in your cabinets

We provide Hole patterns conforming to system 32 and is compatible to mahority of the Hardware available

Can you do customised kitchen cabinets ?

Yes we can , the cost is higher by 15% and lead time is 15 days after full payment

What is the basic cost of your kitchen ?

It depends on the size of cabinet you choose and the area

How long do you guys take to complete the kitchen ?

For B2C – 30 working days from the date of order confirmed and advance recd & for B2B it is 12 working days from the date of order confirmed and advance recd

Can we take out the cabinets and install in another site ?

Yes we can install the cabinets in another site

Can you provide only the cabinets ?

Yes we do.

Do you work out of bangalore also ?

Yes we do have Pan India service

What is the discount that you offer ?

we have fixed Prices

What is the discount that you offer ?

we have fixed Prices

Who is the director of you company ? Do you have joint directors ?( If yes, ) What is they fight and decide to shut down the company ?

We are providing services and our product is very well accepted therefore we will last forever

Do you outsource your cabinets or are you a manufacturer ?

We are manufacturers and we extend warranty for a minimum period of 12 years for manufacturing defects

Where is your Factory located ? Can we visit ?

You are welcome to visit our factory

Do you have any branches other than Doddakallasanadra ?

Not at the moment and we are represented by our franchisee and distributors in India

Do you outsource your cabinets or are you a manufacturer ?

We are manufacturers and we extend warranty for a minimum period of 12 years for manufacturing defects

Do you provide and isntall electrical appliances ?


Do you provide and isntall electrical appliances ?


What is the material you are using inside the shelfs ?

Combination of shelves out of steel and mechanisms provided by various companies

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